Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Success Journey with Back to Fitness (Dr. Rajat Chauhan)

It was a fine Saturday morning of August 2010 and everything was going great till I got my consciousness and was lying in the bench of DDA sports complex Indoor Stadium Dwarka. I last remembered when I jumped for a smash and landed in an uneven floor, 2nd court from right with twisting my knee. I cried in pain and felt like lower portion of my leg got separated from my left knee. I slowly opened my eye to check if I still have my leg intact. Luckily it was, and I was convinced that I screwed it big time.

Not knowing what to do, friend dropped me home. I was only able to stand with one leg, and the immediate thing came to my mind was to see a doctor. I visited the Hospital nearby (don’t want to name it for its so-called reputation) and they said its nothing alarming and could be a sprain and asked me to take a pain killer and wrapped a crape Bandage and let me go. I came home with a hope that everything is fine. I was not convinced because, was not able to walk without support and the pain was severe.

After 2 days with struggling pain, I visited another Ortho (he was best while treating my multiple wrist and fingers fracture two years earlier) at one of the renowned hospitals in GGN. He recognized me as we had built a relationship with my earlier injury. The outcome of the interaction was as if I have been pushed to death. He explained it’s something to do with ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament) and drew some picture to explain me in detail. In next 10 Minutes I was lying in a stretcher and he brought a syringe to take out some fluid from the knee joint for testing. As if I was suddenly out of hypnotization and shouted what the hell are you doing? He explained that he wanted to test (don’t remember the test name) and suggesting a knee surgery. He even explained without operation, I would never be able to play(any kind of sports which involves movements) in my life. And I still remember the day I was scared to death. For a person like me it is equivalent to pronouncing a death sentence. Almost ran out of the hospital in a fear that he would operate if I stay there for next 15 mins. I prepared myself to go through the knee operation, as Sports is an integral part of my life and without which I could not imagine one.

Mentally sick, depressed and was afraid of my life. There were three things in particular which bothered me a lot. Will not be able to participate in any sports activity, will not be able to ride bike and will not be able to play with my little angel (2 months old daughter). With desperation I almost called each and every self-called expert and friends I knew who had gone through the same experience or are doctors by profession including Homeopathy to see if there was an option left without a surgery.

Finally God heard the true prayer. While interacting with a friend, he suddenly forced me to visit a doctor. I was not very keen because could not have taken one more rejection. He kept on insisting me to visit Dr. Rajat Chauhan of Back to Fitness, not sure where he read, heard about him but I never heard his name before. I had no choice but to try my luck. It was far from Dwarka to drive with my injured Knee. Still I was eager to see someone who can help me with. Internally I was looking for one person in this world who can tell me that this could be cured without a surgery and found none Till I met Dr. Rajat. My Friend got an appointment and informed that it’s difficult to get an appointment hence asked me to be there before time.

Without any hope and to keep my friends words, I reached 15 mins earlier and he reached there too. Next moment we were at the reception of Back to Fitness. Ambiance looked like a 5 Star Hotel lobby or a spa station from there. Very neat and clean and things were arranged perfectly. It did not looked like a Hospital and was more insecure thinking what would be the outcome with such an ambiance. Different thoughts ran through my mind, probably a massage center?,  a high profile doctor ?, or someone with a high qualification who would be experimenting on my case. Suddenly a gentlemen appeared and asked us to enter Dr Rajat,s Room. And no one was there in the room, so without any choice we kept waiting.

Suddenly a man appeared and introduced him as Dr Rajat with a smile, probably the only time/occasion I have seen him in his formal attire (else sportsman outlook). I narrated the whole story with the earlier prescription with all the ACL drawings, X-rays and MRI Scan suggestions. He quietly heard my story, but his body language suggested it was a minor injury and he was ready with his suggestions before even I completed my narration. He nodded quietly and asked me to lie down on the wooden bed which was stationed at the back. I started feeling something positive, because he did not utter anything negative with the case history. He tested with few knee movements up, down, side movements and asked for few sit ups with the support of the back on the wall. In the process I was habitual of wearing the brass knee cap for support while walking. We came back to the chairs to have further discussion. He was cool and composed and ready to provide his inputs.

Nothing to worry was his first sentence which directly uplifted my entire sprit however I had my own doubts on the sentence, as no one till today spoke these words which I was expecting from everyone I reached in last 10 days. He went ahead and said if you want to go ahead with whatever tests you want to as suggested by other doctors, however it is a case of 20-30% LIGAMENT TEAR. The only way is to build thigh and calf muscle around and it i is very much curable. Best part was it does not require a surgery. I asked these questions again, will I be able to run again? Will I be able to ride bike? he nodded his head with a strong YES. I felt like hugging him tight and thank him for all that he said. I was mentally sick till then and suddenly felt like running around and dancing. Felt like someone shared my burden. He said no need for any medicine and not Injection. Suggested to take out the Brass Knee Cap and do physiotherapy. I felt happy with the professional approach to receive the same to my email in pdf format.

I only visited once for relaxing the muscles, where Kunal Vashist helped me and learned the exercises to be practiced at home. I never looked back since then !!! I followed all the possible events, activities organized by Rajat including the social media. Just to meet him and say Thank You. I have suggested every individual I met to visit Dr Rajat for any ACL related issues. It was hard to imagine without the support of Dr Rajat on my injury of what I am today. I would love to meet him personally someday and say Thank you for the new life you have provided.  

(At present I am not in to active sports due to my other injuries (Neck and back which developed recently) along with my earlier injuries (ankle, shoulder), however I am not afraid of it any more. I know where to reach out to for any help)

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Incredible Chilika Trip in January 2013

Chilika in Winters

I have been thinking of writing my travel experiences in the blog, however its been long that I got time to pen down. Thought of starting in 2013 to share my experience so that friends can get benefit (if anyone wants) else it will be available in the blog for me to revisit when I retire and cherish the experience. As I know the time passes by, my memories are fading away. I am writing in a hope to refer whenever I visit to these places for another time and will ensure I enjoy the places which I thought I could have, but missed due to lack of time.

Visiting Coastal Orissa came to my mind in May 2012, while I read through an article of Siberian Birds visiting India and followed by an experience in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Keoladeo National Park). Being an Oriya the natural thought came to me about to pay a visit to Chilika. I always saw it from a distance as a kid, with a dream in my eye to return one day with more love. The moment I think of Chilika, I remembered the great poet of Gopobandhu Das who wrote the poem " Kalijai Re Sandhya (Evening at Kalijai)", and it was in my courses in school. So most of the people from my generation will remember this poem, I still sing it while we play Antakshri (Kata dhari dheere nauri naa deichi meli).

First part of my coastal visit was Chilika, and please remember best time to visit is between November to February. When the migratory of birds come to their own Chilika. This reminds me of a chapter in the 10th standard of Orissa state board. Unfortunately I never read it, only listened it while I was in 5th standard and the tuition teacher was teaching the 10th standard seniors...and probably with the attraction towards the birds or the water (still not sure) I had better hold of the 10th Standard Chapter "Migration of Birds" better then the students who were supposed to remember.

I took one week off from office to start my journey, I always preferred Train so is this trip. I always get time for myself to peep through the window glass. While in train I generally prefer reading books, Listening to Music and the major portion looking outside the window in a hope of getting some glimpse of something new. I loved speaking to different people in train but seems like the interest died with age and shifted its focus towards spending time with myself, understanding and enjoying my dreams. It sounded funny in multiple occasions where I have told people that one of my interest area is day dreaming. It gave me lot of strength and confidence. Its normal to be late for  BBSR (Bhubaneswar) Rajdhani by 5-6  hours in winters. Finally after traveling for 30 Hours reached at 11PM.

Morning 5.30 AM was the time we were supposed to start the journey to Chilika, however could manage to push by 6.30 PM. I was more fascinated to see the migration birds and was in a hurry to reach there and see those beautiful visitors across the border. I literally jumped mentally from the moving car to run towards the water. There were boats at the banks which took people to ferry around "Chadei Haga Pahad (Bird Shit rocks)" and "Kalijai Temple". I curiously asked a person where do I book boat for going to "Nala Bana" ? Which I gathered information as part of my research before the trip.

Answer was a shocker to me " you need Forest Department Approval/clearance" to go there. I thought he was saying so that he can pull out some more money from me. I was careful and behaved as if I am a regular visitor here (laughs). When others also gave the same impression and information, I realized that my research and plan did not had something of getting a clearance from the forest department. I knew it was free visit earlier, however with increase in hunting there is a permission required to visit. I tried my best to see if any Jugad (alternative arrangement) can be done. It was useless effort and applied all my energy for a glimpse of those Siberian visitors.I promised myself to get permission next time from Bhubaneswar before visiting Chilika.

I was happy that all the security and screening would conserve the birds for next generation to have a view, else the current pace at which poachers are hunting they will only be seen in Photos and few albums. I felt like helpless in one hand and felt more charged up to come next time with proper prior permission. This is one of the reason why I thought I would write a blog so that who ever visit Chilika for migration birds, please check for prior permission so that you do not get disappointment as I was. Took a small boat trip to enjoy the water and surroundings. By the time these got over, I was dam hungry and Crab curry was waiting at Chilika Dhaba. (to be Contd.... in a hope to take out some time to write about Konark, Chandra Bhaga and Puri visit the next day....)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Read this link for 10 minutes everyday to be a better person

Dear friends, You must be thinking why I am taking pain in attaching a link for you. Just read once and I can bet, it will make you a better person. Its not that we don't know the concept or the logic, but we are too lazy or overlook it at some point of time in our life. I got this link few months back, and found that its so helpful for your life to be a better citizen. It provides all kinds of helpful tips and the best part is its not specific to particular subject or topic.

Is a great motivational blog which even sends lot of positive energy to the surrounding through you. Lets make this world a better place to live.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Promise not to use Paper Cups for coffee/water/tea

Dear Friends, here is a hard fact which I am going to share with you.If you use 2 paper cups per day to drink water/coffee/tea then you will be astonished by knowing that we use around 720 cups (2 cups per day for one year). And if 4 people save these cups on an average you save a tree per year.

For details I am attaching a read out from About my planet. Read and contribute towards saving our environment.

Environment- Use of Paper cups